The construction process involves a great number of “team players” to execute a project successfully:  Architects, Owners, Developers, Contractors, Consultants, and Subcontractors all have a vital role to play in the way a project ultimately comes together.  Each has to be careful to fully cover his or her responsibilities or the whole project suffers; likewise, being “ahead of the game” is beneficial for all project participants.

CEC aims to keep itself on top of project schedules, deadlines, budgets, performance, and coordination with other trades on our projects.  The following is a sampling of what some of these other “team players” have had to say about CEC’s track record on our projects.

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of appreciation for you and your team for the exemplary work you did on the recently completed Virginia Center for Behavioral Rehabilitation (VCBR) in Burkeville, Virginia.

Your dedication to the success of the project began with your valuable input in the pre-construction, design assist, and continued throughout the job in your ability to be problem solvers. The standards of quality and safety in your work were matched by your efforts to coordinate with other trades. And you did all of these things while tracking and staying in budget.

Lastly, as a key member of our team, your recognition and adherence to the project schedule contributed to our ability to complete construction ahead of schedule.

It is with confidence, as the VCBR Project Manager, that I commend and recommend you and Creative Electrical Contractors for future projects.

The architect and Barnes & Noble representatives conducted an inspection of the work yesterday evening. During our meeting, the architect advised he has 20 different Barnes & Noble projects going on concurrently at this time, and Mid-Town Square B & N is the best managed and smoothest running of all of them.

I wanted to let each of you team members know that our efforts with this project are very much appreciated. Thank you all!

Congratulations Mark Southall – Creative Electrical Contractors. You have been selected as one of EDC’s Top Ten Subcontractors of the Year 2012! We appreciate all of the hard work and dedication that was put into our project, and as a token of our appreciation, please enjoy a movie on us! Thank You!