Farmville, VA

Longwood University is nearing completion on the newly erected 41,615 square feet, 4 story classically designed Academic Building in Farmville, VA. The building is located on their campus directly behind French Hall. The new Allen Hall is named after Dr. Edna Allen Bledsoe-Dean, the 1st tenured black professor at the University.

This project was designed by Glav’e and Holmes Architecture located in Richmond VA. Creative Electrical Contractors partnered with Jamerson- Lewis Construction, general contractors from Lynchburg, VA. The project broke ground in August of 2018 and the students moved in late August 2020. Only minor exterior items are left to complete on the building and final completion will happen in October 2020.

The building is home to undergraduate research studies, including a large research space for growing programs in health, athletic training, recreation, and neuroscience studies. The building hosts cutting edge classrooms and learning spaces. There are many labs throughout the space that will enhance the research studies by the students and faculty at Longwood University.

CEC’s Project Supervisor, Kenny Schaeffer, oversaw the daily construction activities. He and his team did a fantastic job ensuring that all construction practices were adhered to and the budget and aggressive schedule were carefully maintained. CEC recorded over 13,200-man hours that made this project a complete success!
CEC utilized Building Information Modeling, BIM, to ensure that the project would be coordinated with the other construction disciplines prior to the first footing being installed. This digital process can be time consuming to get started but ensures a more seamless process during the construction.

CEC has proudly been a part of multiple projects for Longwood University since our inception in 1998. We have been fortunate to collaborate on projects such as Wheeler Hall, Cox Hall, Stubbs Hall, Bedford Hall, Grainger, the Longwood Center for the Visual Arts, Race Street Tennis Courts, and numerous site light projects throughout campus. We joined forces to help transform High Street during the Vice-Presidential Debate. Our partnership with Longwood University has remained strong and unwavering for over 22 years.