Office Manager

This position is responsible for all internal accounting along with ensuring that the CPAs, banks, and bonding companies have everything they need to partner with us.  Under the Office Manager’s direction, the office staff handles accounts receivable, accounts payable, and human resources, with the use of premier construction accounting software.  This position reports directly to the President of the company.

Project Managers

Our Project Managers are individuals who possess a strong knowledge of the electrical contracting industry.  They are responsible for the entire project once it is passed on from the estimators, to include labor management, scheduling, conflict resolution, and complete job costing.  Project Managers must have a strong attention to detail and be able to multi-task between projects.  Strong computer skills are also imperative for this position, as weekly project updates are required.  This position reports directly to the President.

Project Administrator

Assistant Project Managers are individuals that stay primarily in the central office.  Their duties include purchasing and scheduling deliveries of equipment and materials, tracking invoices, and assigning all job costs correctly.  Along with preparing and presenting reports to the Project Manager during the construction process, they are responsible for making sure the time cards are in order prior to being submitted to the payroll department.  Other duties also include preparation of submittal data and Operation and Maintenance manuals.  They are a vital part of the construction process and must have strong computer and communication skills.  Assistant Project Managers report directly to the Project Managers.

Project Superintendents

Our Project Superintendents must have a minimum of 10 years of electrical experience, including at least 5 years of field management.  A Journeyman’s license is required, but a Master’s license is preferred.  A strong attention to detail along with strong communication and leadership skills are a must for this position.  Project Superintendents must follow strict company procedure in dealing with schedules, labor management, and material management.  The Project Superintendent prepares weekly task schedules and reports directly to the Project Manager.


Estimators at CEC are responsible for compiling detailed and comprehensive estimates of materials and labor for each project.  All of our electrical estimators are professionally trained in the latest estimating software.  This position requires a person who can read the specifications, review the plans, and build detailed estimates, all of which are vital to a contracting business.  Estimators need strong computer and writing skills along with a sincere dedication to getting the job done on time.  Since specific deadlines for estimates are required, estimators can spend long hours compiling a timely and accurate estimate.  Our estimators provide information to our President and Project Managers.

Shop Managers

The Shop Manager is responsible for our fleet of trucks and equipment along with management of our tools.  CEC has a very extensive tool tracking program to account for all our tools and the Shop Manager keeps the tool, equipment, and maintenance logs updated.  Because tools and equipment are the largest expenses in our company, it is vital to have control over these areas.  The Shop Manager reports directly to CEC’s President.