Creative Electrical Contractors, Inc. takes safety very seriously.  We conduct weekly safety meetings on each of our job sites to discuss safety issues relevant to that project, and also to review safety issues that have arisen on other projects.  Corporate safety meetings are also conducted in our office six times a year, with all of our management personnel including job superintendents, job foremen, and prospective foremen, required to attend.  For these meetings, representatives from our insurance company are present to reinforce ways to prevent accidents from happening and to participate in open floor discussions about safety issues to close each meeting.

We offer all employees safety training videos, literature, and pictures of correct and incorrect procedures for any safety question that may arise.  We are concerned about the well being of our employees and their families, as well as other contractors on each of our projects.  CEC has an excellent safety relationship with OSHA and we are proud to be held in the highest regard with our clients.

We hold our employees, all the way to the president, fully accountable for following and carrying out our safety guidelines.  At CEC, being safe is not an option, it is mandatory.